This might be a lot to take in when I tell you that upholstering or reupholstering your furniture is a big deal, changing and buying new furniture again and again may feel like a hassle but with upholstering in the option the task becomes endearing. When you have decided that you wish to renew your existing furniture comes the major question of what to go with as multiple options are available in color, design, texture, and with different strengths and other physical properties. You should also keep in mind that the inner layers of your furniture are just as important as the outer fabric, make sure you use the right nails, springs, and padding.

THINGS TO UPHOLSTER: before we dive into details you may wonder as to what things of daily life can I upholster and renew, some of those might be:







UPHOLSTERY FABRIC: how should you choose a furniture upholstery fabric or more like what fabric should you choose? The answer to these questions is based on:

what type of use the furniture has in your house, will it be used in a professional setting or just as a decorative piece or is it going to be worked to the bone?

Are there kids at your place? Maybe you should use a stain-resistant fabric

Maybe you are an animal lover and have adorable pets then you might have to go for something durable to avoid their scratches.

Where will be the furniture placed?

On the deck, roof, or by the window. Be sure that the fabric doesn’t fade away from the sunlight exposure.

Based on these questions, you can decide on which type of fabric you should go with and the specific properties you require.


Below we discuss some of the favorite materials utilized in upholstering décor, we know the basic need is t find something that might look good on our furniture and stay evergreen in the long run but before you decide to go with any of the fabric ask for a swatch which you can drape over the furniture in question to see how it will look on that piece in the future so you don’t get disappointed in the future.

CRYPTON FABRIC: these fabrics are very soft to the touch, highly durable, easy to clean, and also resist staining. This Teflon-based material also provides anti-bacterial activity and is free of any type of harsh chemicals; this type of cloth is perfect to be used in high traffic areas such as the playing room or living room.

NATURAL LEATHER: leather as a material is highly strong and durable this makes it easy to clean and with time it ages well. Even with scratches from pets or other mishaps, it can be rubbed away.

VELVET: this is the fabric that adds to the beauty of everything, it adds depth to the room and because it’s soft and thick it hides imperfections as well.

LINEN: the best choice for people who might be allergic to the other options but it is highly durable and softens over time like leather.

SUNBRELLA: A very strong acrylic fabric able to hold its own against kids and pets, can be used for both outdoor furniture and indoor furniture.