Discover the Charm of North Georgia: Blue Ridge Homes for Sale

Discover the Charm of North Georgia: Blue Ridge Homes for Sale

North Georgia is famous for its breathtaking mountain views, shimmering lakes, and excellent fishing opportunities. However, there is more to this region than its robust tourism industry. Homeowners in North Georgia experience the charm of living in a safe and vibrant community infused with deep historic and cultural influences. If you are considering living in North Georgia, you can experience these and more perks of the Peach State in Blue Ridge. Here is a closer look at what the community has to offer.


Enviably located in the cradle of Fannin County, Blue Ridge is well positioned for countryside living. The area is tucked into the south of the Appalachian Mountains, about an hour and a half north of Atlanta. Many of the Blue Ridge homes for sale are also serenely nestled amidst 106,000 acres of national forests, Lake Blue Ridge – a 3,920-acre freshwater body– and over 100 miles of streams and rivers.

Historic Influences

Incorporated in 1887, Blue Ridge has a long and rich history. The town was first settled by railroad and timber companies before its rich waters and mountain climate attracted a stream of “healing water” tourists. But perhaps much of the history and allure of Blue Ridge can be attributed to the Appalachian Mountains – the world’s oldest mountains. Seamlessly blending ancient history and timeless beauty, the mountain has been a major attraction to Blue Ridge for decades. It drew the town’s most famous settlers, from the Cherokee Indians to the Scotch-Irish immigrants of the frontier era.


The Blue Ridge of today has evolved to meet modern standards but without losing its old town charm. The town maintains a pioneer spirit that is both pervasive and unpretentious. When not exploring the mountains, you can enjoy the allure of the historic buildings and iconic railway. Homes here also feature an old-world charm and it is not unusual to see children swinging on porch swings.

The Blue Ridge community is also very welcoming. The town has shown a remarkable ability to accept its residents’ varied tastes and you can usually see a stylish apartment sitting comfortably next to a modern farmhouse. So whatever your tastes, you can find Blue Ridge homes for sale that tickle your fancy.


Blue Ridge also boasts a bustling arts and crafts scene. The artistic community in the town is very strong and heralded by the Blue Ridge Community Theater and Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association and Art Center that keep music, entertainment, visual arts, and theater alive in Blue Ridge. Downtown, you can find local exhibitions and galleries of artisan crafts. You can also enjoy local food and drink at the vibrant and welcoming wine bars and two breweries.


If you and your family love the outdoors, you will absolutely adore Blue Ridge. The town is located on the Toccoa River and Lake Blue Ridge, making it an ideal fishing spot. It is also home to multiple magnificent waterfalls, hiking trails, a pick-your-own orchard, and a winery and vineyard.

As mentioned, Blue Ridge sits within an expanse of national forest land, the Chattahoochee National Forest. During the weekend, you and your loved ones can spend time outdoors mountain biking, zip lining, horseback riding, hunting, or backcountry hiking.

Find a Blue Ridge Home Today

As you can see, there is a lot to love about Blue Ridge. If you don’t stay for the cool mountain climate and scenery, you might be drawn to the town for its rich history, vibrant art scene, or exciting recreational opportunities. You may even decide to stay for the community, security, or clean environment. If you do decide to make North Georgia your home, the ideal way to begin your search is with the help of an agent with an intimate knowledge of the local community. Contact us today to get started on your journey to the perfect Blue Ridge home.