Matte or Gloss Kitchen Countertops? Which One to Choose?

If you are planning to undertake an elaborate kitchen remodeling project, you will need to focus on each of the elements very carefully. Right from the wall colors to the light fixtures, countertops to the cabinets, everything needs to be perfect. But while you select the countertops, the widely available options can confuse you very easily. There are countless colors and styles to choose from. Settling with the right surface finish is also equally important in order to increase the longevity of the slabs. 

So, here we will discuss the best finishes that you can settle with.

Marble matte look

The marble mattes, majorly the white ones, possess quite a lot of drama. The trick is to pick only the best. If you want to have something trendy, pick the slabs that come with twists. There are white marble veined slabs which have an addition of dusted reflective purple flecks. This will illuminate your kitchen brilliantly while adding a good dimension to the space. 

Smoky matte look

There are multiple smoky-colored designs available with a softer matte touch. These countertops have a whisper of white all throughout their body and can help you create a farmhouse effect. You can add a subtle backdrop with it, which will help this countertop to take the center stage. These slabs are also a great alternative to the concrete ones.

Contemporary matte look

By using these countertops, you can help your kitchen bask in beauty and brilliance at the same time. These countertops will help your décor to attain a fashionable yet contemporary vibe. You can combine these countertop slabs with cabinetry in the shades of white, black or sleek gray, and gain the look of a modern kitchen.

Striped gloss

If you are looking for patterns to impress people, then this is it. Pick the countertops that have the design mixes of white, charcoal or cocoa. This will give a harmonious blend of neutral shades to play with. You can pair this look with absolutely any style of cabinets and everything will be in a unique combination style. The best colors of cabinets to choose from are pear, wine or shades of green. Your kitchen will ooze out sophistication.

The Kitchen Wholesalers countertops are available in myriad varieties to impart your kitchen space that much-needed style and sophistication. Research well and get your kitchen the best look ever.