Accessorizing Your ADU: Must-Have Products

Whenever you decide to add on to your home, consider an ADU, also known as an accessory dwelling unit. These pieces of property can provide you with anything from extra living space to areas that could serve as libraries or gyms. Because they can serve many different purposes, decorating your ADU is open to many possibilities!

No matter what you choose to do, there are a few common appliances that plenty of other ADU owners opt to go with after their creation is complete. As you read, you will garner a few ideas as you plan out your vision. Once your idea is set, you can get Acton ADU to help make your ideas a reality. They are the most trusted ADU builders in California. No idea is too great or too small for them to handle.

Comfortable Seating

It does not matter where you are or what you are doing. Having a place to sit is crucial. Not just that, but having a seat that is easy to rest on can be even more vital. Not only does improper seating make you feel uncomfortable, but it can make it hard to concentrate or enjoy your time at a place.

As you are likely going to have guests over in your ADU, providing them with the right furniture will be critical. How are your friends going to have fun when they cannot relax? Think about the chairs and couches that you have within your main home. If any of them could be implemented within your ADU, try taking that into consideration.

For a more relaxed setting, consider seating such as beanbag chairs or soft saucer chairs. This makes it easier for people to sit back at ease. Even better, if you choose to use this space for studying or reading, you have a nice place to curl up!

Entertainment Systems

Just like your home, you want to make sure your ADU is a fun place to be in! For many, this means having some high-tech products implemented, the most common of which is a television. This appliance can be beneficial no matter what you use your unit for. Along with watching your favorite show, it can also be a great source of background noise.

To go with your television, you could also get a few gaming consoles so that you can challenge your loved ones in some friendly competition whenever they visit. This is the perfect opportunity whenever you’re entertaining guests and either the weather is too cold or rainy.

If a television is not for you, you can also consider a sound system so that you can still have noise without the distractions of visuals. You can play anything from your favorite songs to just a little bit of white noise if it helps keep you in the zone.

All of this means you will need proper internet and cable services. Talk with your current provider to see how much adding your ADU to your current plan might be. If it seems steep, try shopping around with others to find the best deal for both your needs and your budget.

Fridge and Cabinets

Even if your ADU is just a small area for relaxing, you want to make sure sustenance is possible! Who knows when you will suddenly get hungry or thirsty while you are in there? After thinking about the size of your unit, you could install either a mini fridge or a full-size refrigerator that comes with freezer space.

For snacks, you could either have a cabinet built into your ADU, or you can consider buying standard cupboards that can be moved around. Consider adding a small nook that could hold appliances like a toaster, a microwave or even act as a coffee area.

If space is still available, consider talking with your builders to add in a full kitchenette or island so that your space looks more like a small home rather than cluttered. Take a look online for some inspiration from other ADUs if you need a little help.

Accessories For Specific Uses

What is your ADU being used for? By keeping that in mind, you may want to consider using these options:

  • Home Gym: Exercise equipment, shower area, towel or clothing closets
  • Library: Bookshelves, desks, blankets
  • Home Office: Desks, computer or laptop, filing cabinets

If your space is being used for living space, make sure there is an area for a bedroom and bathroom, too. Just be aware of how much area you really have before making this your go-to option. If your ADU runs on the smaller side, it might be best to use it for small get-togethers rather than a place for a guest house.

Building Your California ADU

Now that you have a few ideas for decorating your unit, it is time to consider the actual building process. You never want to go with just any contractor. You want to go with one that is fully equipped, insured, and has the experience to keep you at peace of mind. In over 40 areas of California, that contractor is Acton ADU.

When you work with Acton ADU on your new unit, you can expect the process to go as follows:

  • While making your plans, they will talk with you to discuss the legalities of ADUs in your area. This includes education on regularities so that you can edit your layout of everything.
  • Their team will give you an array of floor plans and other personalized ideas to help you out. Along with the aforementioned appliances, they can help you think about colors, styles, and any other interior design implementations. Don’t worry. They will think about your needs and your budget as they guide you.
  • Finally, it will be time to build. They will give you a schedule of events so you know when they will be around. They will also give you an idea of cost and material purchases. After having a meeting with the whole team, everything will be ready to go.

Their team wants to gain your trust and exceed any expectations that they can. They are some of the most innovative contractors out there, already being keen on the regulations that California has in place for its ADUs. This means that there won’t be any hiccups during the process. Visit to see how they can help you and learn more about possible ADU laws in your region.

An ADU has the potential to be anything you want it to be. With a few standard appliances and your own customized twist, your new unit will stand out among the rest. Let Acton ADU help get you started!