Five Reasons Marble Countertops Draw Attention

Despite the number of options for kitchen countertop materials, a lot of people are drawn to marble and other natural stones. Although marble countertops from Granite au Sommet come at a higher price than other engineered stones and man-made alternatives, they continue to attract attention because of their quality, beauty, and durability. Let us look at the reasons marble countertops are popular among many homeowners:

They Have an Amazing, Unique Look

Marble is known for its sophisticated, timeless look. It offers your countertops a unique appearance since every slab is slightly different. Such a difference is noticeable in every slab’s varying color tones, veinings, and patterns.

They Can Resist Heat

As marble is completely resistant to heat, you can place a hot pan or plate on your marble countertops without worries. You should be thankful for this benefit if you cook or bake a lot. 

Marble May Be Affordable

Did you know that marble is budget-friendly? When you opt for the Carrara marble, you can take advantage of the heavy design and affordability. The darker color makes it cheaper than other types of marble. But regardless, Carrara marble looks great and is a great option. And you can pair marble with other materials such as wood to complete your desired kitchen design.

Marble Countertops Can be Easy to Maintain

While marble is popular for its high maintenance, it does not have to be when you give it some attention. To keep dirt and stains out of your marble countertops, you should have a professional sealing job done right after getting your countertops installed. This treatment can last for one year and you can handle this job in the future once the initial sealing is done by an expert. As long as you place warm, wet, and abrasive surfaces on trivets and get rid of stains right after they happen, your kitchen marble countertops will be clean and free of damage. 

You Do Not Have to Worry About Small Scratches and Future Etching

Even if marble can etch over time, this imperfection can add to its beauty. Also, you do not need to be concerned about small scratches because the texture of marble can conceal them. These potentials can make marble countertops a long-term investment. Once you are aware of how to treat marble, it can be a perfect choice for your kitchen. Thus, you should consider this material when planning to renovate your kitchen.