How Pest Control Services guarantee hygiene?

When we refer to the term hygiene it is associated with safety and health and inadvertently it also it reminds us about the service industry. When we refer to the service industry, the one word that crops up is “Food”. Food is the fulcrum of the service industry and business growth and expansion depends on how good your food is and how safe it is. Safety comes with proper hygiene.For purpose of food safety and protocol food industry routinely avail Pest Control Services Castle Hill specialists to check and control pest activity and ensure a hygienic environment.

 A big part of the food management and processing units also includes pest management as pests are drawn to food and hence their presence spells a threat to the food sector. They carry different strains of disease causing pathogens and other germs posing a threat to the staff health in the food processing and packaging units. Food manufacturers to keep pest at bay engage Commercial Pest Control Castle Hill experts.

Pests and the threats they bring in food industry

There are various factors that determine different pest activity. These include climate, geography, food ingredients that are processed. Cockroaches, moths, flies, beetles and rodents are the five main category commonly sighted in food industries. Proper pest identification is integral to implementing the right treatment plan. Common pest are-

Cockroaches: Carriers of upto six different types of parasitic worms, several types of human pathogens and over thirty bacteria cockroaches are the most dreaded pest. They eat almost anything and can remain hidden in crevices and cracks for days without being detected being nocturnal. They reproduce rapidly attaching their capsule like eggs onto surfaces. They crawl through drains and sewerage and pick up dirt, debris and germs on their legs that are soon transmitted to water and food, work stations and equipment and utensils, causing contamination and infection in humans.

Rats and Mice: These rodents are another problem faced by food industry. They build nests close to food source and breed rapidly. Their presence becomes evident from signs of droppings, chewed up wires, gnawing sounds, visual sightings, urine stains and chewed up container lids. They do immense damage to property, machinery, electrical equipment and appliances, packaging, food jars and container and contamination of food and water through feces and urine. They also carry harmful diseases causing pathogens on their coats.

Birds: They can be a nuisance as their feathers and feces spread infections in places they roost. They cause physical problems by blocking guttural system with their feathers or twigs collected for their nests.Bird droppings have unpleasant appearance and odor and are also harmful and poisonous and transmit bacteria, fungi, and virus and give the need for professional removal of Pest Control Services Castle Hill specialists who ensure and guarantee restoring a bird free healthy environment when these become a nuisance. Diseases that bird activity may bring are salmonella infections and E coli infections. Their nests also attract bird mites, beetles which to add to the problem.

Flies:They first feed on decaying garbage matter and rotting food in unclean environment and then move to fresh food, manufacturing and processing machines and food stations, contaminating them, AS they feed they transmit harmful germs and organism from their mouths and bodies. Many species regurgitates gastric juices. They also defecate when they are feeding that increase infections. Bird droppings have unpleasant appearance and odor and are also harmful and poisonous and transmit bacteria, fungi, and virus and give rise to the need for professional removal of Pest Control Services Castle Hill specialists who ensure restoring a bird free healthy environment when these become a nuisance.

Stored Product Pests: Moths, weevils, beetles also referred as pantry pests can cause havoc and bring problems because-

They breed quickly and multiply rapidly

Have widespread infestations with multiple sources.

Pests leave behind larvae and eggs

Cause contamination in food shipments that reach customers

Infest food items like wheat, corn, whole grains, corn, barley, nuts, rice, beans, etc

Threats by pests

Pests and their entry and activity pose numerous threats to the food industry.

  • Spread disease causing pathogens
  • Damage to property and equipment
  • Contaminate food items, work stations and equipment
  • Negative reputation and loss of credibility
  • Prosecution and even closure

Few preventive steps that can be adopted

Officials or managers at the helm of inspection and monitoring are always on fire if there is any lapse in food safety or precautions or violation of protocol. So monitoring of entry points of pests is very important to detect infestation.

  • Regular check up of areas prone to pest infestation and activity
  • Seal all probable entry points of pests like cracks and crevices around pipes, foundations, docks, and stores.
  • Exclusion and sanitation are effective in containing pests and keeping processing area pest free. This leads to better organized place that is safe and efficient work force and output.
  • Dispose garbage the right way. Ensure the food processing facility is clean and well maintained both inside and outside and is clutter free.
  • Installing a rock or gravel perimeter surrounding the facility would prevent any growth of vegetation that often acts as shelter to pests. So in absence of vegetation, pests will not thrive.

Since food industry involves procuring raw materials to final packaging of goods, it is very important that each step gets monitored. So regular pest management should be done by hiring Commercial Pest Control Castle Hill experts would ensure a healthy and pest free environment that would be safe and productive for the industry as a whole.

At day end pest activity in food processing facilities is a sign of a lapse in hygiene and maintenance. If health code violation happens due to pest issues it can mar a company’s reputation and also bring in a lot of expenses due to payment of penalty or fine. So to safeguard the company’s credibility seeking professional pest control company like 247 Pest Control Sydney is the best way to successfully run the unit as they would eradicate any instances of pest infestation.