How To Maintain and Clean Frameless Glass Surfaces

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It’s important to note that frameless glass surfaces, such as glass doors, add much-needed elegance and sophistication to your home or office. This is a great way to add aesthetically pleasing elements to your interior, as it lets in more natural light that interacts perfectly with glass surfaces.


But the contemporary look comes with maintenance requirements. You need to put extra attention and care into the design to ensure that the frameless glass surfaces are taken care of. Here are some ways to retain the beauty of your glass doors so they remain functional for longer.


Glass Cleaning Process

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Gather The Necessary Tools and Materials

Having stunning interiors is not limited to design. You also need the right tools and materials for cleaning and maintaining these elements. The first step in the cleaning process of frameless glass installation includes gathering all the necessary tools and materials you need for the process.



Clean Dust

Now that you have all the necessary tools, you can start by cleaning dust from the surfaces with the help of a microfiber cloth. The cloth will also help you remove cobwebs and wipe off any remaining particles without scratching the glass at any point. The surface must be wiped gently because the edges and the corners are quite delicate.


Choose The Appropriate Glass Cleaner

The cleaning process can be expedited by using the right glass cleaner, especially if you use a non-abrasive glass cleaner. This will ensure that harsh chemicals do not permanently damage the glass. Using solutions such as dish soap mixed with distilled water can also act as a gentle cleanser that is just as effective when cleaning custom interior glass in Austin.


Spray and Wipe The Glass

The next step is spraying the glass cleaner onto the glass surface, ensuring that the entire area is efficiently cleaned with a microfiber cloth. The glass can be cleaned using circular motion, which will ensure you remove any stains without leaving streaks.


Use a Squeegee For Large Areas

The larger areas, such as glass table tops, are best addressed with a squeegee. They are quite useful because squeegees allow you to add pressure without causing any damage during the cleaning process. The best way to clean is by starting from the very top of the glass surface and then drawing toward the end, and cleaning it all with a cloth.


For larger glass surfaces, such as shower doors or glass partitions, a squeegee can be incredibly useful in scrubbing the dirt left off during the cleaning process. You can also use a microfiber cloth for maximum efficiency.


Tackle Stubborn Stains

If the frameless glass source has stubborn stains, you can also counter that by using mild soap and glass cleaner on the surface. You can let the cleaner sit on the stain for a while and then wipe it with a soft cloth. Drying off the surface with a microfiber cloth is important for the perfect finish.


Pay Attention To The Tracks and Hardware

Tracks and hardware can accumulate dust and debris over time. Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush attachment to remove loose dirt from the tracks. For more stubborn dirt or grime, use a toothbrush or a small brush to scrub the tracks gently. Wipe the hardware clean with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly to prevent water spots.


Regular Maintenance Of Glass Surfaces



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Here are some of the best practices for maintaining frameless glass.


Regular Cleaning

To maintain the glass surfaces, you must clean them every other week so that the build-up of dirt and grime does not affect the quality of the glass surfaces. Sponges and abrasive tools can cause scratches, which is why you must ensure that you are using the right tools during the cleaning process.


Protect The Glass Surfaces

The glass surfaces need to be protected from sharp objects and heavy items because these can cause accidental damage to the surface. The glass surface needs a protective coating to ensure that water doesn’t leave spots and scales on the surface.




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