How Portier can provide the best key management software for handling property management?

Do you have a big property in your office? In that case you will need to have the best software for managing the master key system and locking system. You need a professional agency which can ensure the usage of the most useful software. Portier has surely become a renowned agency in providing you the best key management software which can be extremely helpful.

How it is beneficial:

For property management you need to have the most amazing key management program which can ensure the below things.

  • With the best location management for key holders and users, you can have the control about who is having access at which particular area. Portier makes it easy for you to do the property management as you can control access of unauthorized persons in a particular area.
  • Portier will also provide you a software which will help you to check the particular keys which will be inserted in a particular cylinder. You will be able to easily integrate the DXF and DWG format.

Value of best key management software:

With the best key management software you will get the best planning and management for locking systems.

  • Portier will also provide you joint processing and by this property management many users will be able to access the server. Just for example, the receptionist will be able to issue cards and provide the authorization for the whole house. Both mechanical and electronic system will be supported.
  • If you go to the Portier workshop then you will be able to learn the system and its related modules in presence of the other dealers and customers.

Manage it online:

Portier provides you the key management software which you can use absolutely online. With their best key management program you will be able to protect your yard and the company house safe. You will be able to manage the cylinders, authorizations and keys in a much better way. With the most easy software and cloud management, they will provide you the most efficient key management program which you will not need to install or update locally. It will be done with cloud management system.

Even if you have a tablet or a laptop in your hand you will be able to use this software and you can have control over location management for key holders and users.

Is it a well-protected software?

You are managing your key management program with this software. So, it is important for you to understand whether the key management software is properly protected or not. If you are concerned about EU GDPR, then you can remain assured that the key management software which Portier will provide you, will be very much equipped of that.

The files will be processed and stored in an exclusive way in German data centers. Their key management software is having the firewall which maintains BSI Specification. With the SSL gateway, this electronic key management your data will be shared in an encrypted way. This key management software will use the CERT SSL certificates from the trusted certification authority.

Can you use software as a consultant and dealer?

If you are a dealer or a consultant you can use the key management program for supporting your customers. With the cloud management it will be very much possible for you to provide key book, key receipt confirmation, key log and key excel along with the software.  This electronic key management will help your customers to maintain the key log, key receipt confirmation, and key book in a much better way. From the key excel they can get very quick idea about the authorization related to a particular key.

Get it free for testing:

Before choosing any key management software it is important to test the same for a few days. Portier will provide you the software for testing free of cost for the 60 days. Key management software free is also going to help you in checking whether the key management software is going to be helpful for your purpose or not. After using the key management software free for sixty days if you feel that it is worthy you can purchase the same and get its benefits.

In case of key issue/return/loss/defect the Portier is going to help you out. In any such scenario of key issue/return/loss/defect you should inform the agency at the earliest. You can maintain the key output protocol perfectly with this key management software. Key output protocol will also help your users to understand how they can use the keys in an authorized way which is an integral part of key management.

If you have a big property then property management becomes a very important part of it. You can always take help of the key management software provided by Portier to handle the same very smoothly. Their key management program is very easy to handle and it can provide you multiple solutions easily.