What Are The Different Curtain Heading Styles?

When it comes to interior decoration, one thing that comes last in your mind is choosing the right curtains. No doubt, it’s the most difficult thing to decide on.  A room can look good without other interior elements but without curtains, it looks unfinished and naked. Once you’ve selected curtains for your room, you may start thinking about its heading style. A lot of heading styles are there and each offers different practical styles. Never ignore that curtain heading style that can impact your overall décor. So, if you want to know about different types of curtain heading styles, continue reading this blog;

Heading styles

Heading style—the way the curtain top attaches to the tracks or poles. Eyelet, rod pocket, and tab top heading style are amongst the trendiest ways to hang curtains.

  • Rod Pocket

Also known as pole pocket, rod pocket heading style is the most common. This is when the fabric of the curtain is turned back to create a pocket. Even though this type of curtain heading style is decorative, it’s not good at functionally sliding difficulty.

  • Curtain Rings

This type of curtain heading is quite popular. With the help of small hooks, curtains are attached to rings and these rings are then slipped onto the rod. This type of option is durable and practical. Furthermore, you can easily remove and replace these curtains.

  • Eyelet

Eyelet heading style has an industrial and contemporary feel. These types of curtains can be only used with curtain poles. What’s more, these curtains give naturally soft and large folds.

  • Tab Top

With loops at the top, tab-top curtain heading style is also very popular these days. Loops may be of the contrasting or same fabric. Just like eyelet curtains, these curtains can only use with curtain poles. This style is less functional and more decorative. As the curtain hardware is exposed in this type of heading style, you should have to invest in good-looking and quality finials and poles.

  • Tie Top

In this type of curtain heading style, ribbons tied around the rod create little bows at the top of the curtains. This rustic style is usually used with light fabrics such as linen.

  • Pencil Pleat

Elegant and contemporary, pencil pleat style is one in which fabric is bunched and gathered together, creating tight, long folds from the top of curtains. These are hung with drapery hooks that are attached to the curtains back.

  • Goblet Pleat

Goblet style of the formal and traditional curtain styles and it looks great in a home having a high ceiling. The cylindrical cuff on top of the curtain resembles a wine glass.  These are ideal for rooms with high ceilings.

  • Pinch Pleat

In this style, three pleats sit at the top of the curtain. This simple and elegant style is extremely versatile. These curtains can be hung on curtain poles or tracks, and often looks perfect with fabric blinds.

So, these are a few of the curtain heading styles. Now you better know which style can best fit your interior!