Top 3 kitchen cabinets you can deck up in your kitchen

Kitchens are the epicenter of all parties and get-togethers. They see wonderful anecdotes flowing over a cup of wine or a warm coffee. Now imagine, wouldn’t an obsolete and shabby-looking kitchen embarrass you in front of your guests? Besides, would you even dare to step into a kitchen that’s untidy and cluttered? 

Cooking should be fun and so should the parties and bashes that you throw. That’s why it’s in your best interest to seriously give renovation a thought. Here, we’ve listed three admirable cabinet options that’ll most certainly put you in a trance. 

  1. Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood is and has always been one of the iconic materials for home decor, kitchen cabinets are no different. Whether it’s exotic wood or solid wood, they add a definite class to a kitchen. 

Wood kitchen cabinets are true elements in rustic decor. They can transport you back to medieval times. The only downside is their cost. Real wood cabinets are on the expensive side. They are classy but hefty investments that’ll also require maintenance. 

Hence, you should move ahead with classy custom-made real wood cabinets if the budget isn’t in short supply. 

If you still want the rustic look but your budget isn’t that much, you can instead install the wood veneer kitchen cabinets. They offer the enticing look of real wood and are easier to maintain. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we call these cabinets luxury options for the common man. 

  1. Similaques kitchen cabinets

Next on our list of classy kitchen cabinets would be simlaques kitchen cabinets. Did you know that, when carefully installed, similaque cabinets can bring forth an admirable classic and contemporary look? What’s more? Well, they’re cheaper than Lacquer. 

They have additional benefits like being water-resistant, UV-resistant, and scratch-resistant. 

  1. Melamine kitchen cabinets

It’s an aesthetic crime to not mention melamine cabinets when talking about classy interiors that are a blend of contemporary and functional. These cabinets are silky-soft (both, to see and touch). That’s not all! The other benefits of melamine cabinets are as follows:

  • They are resistant to UV rays.
  • It’s easy to clean them. The maintenance won’t leave you broke either. 
  • They’ll give you company for decades. They’re super strong and won’t go out of trend either. 
  • Let’s not forget that they are heat resistant as well. 

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