Why Has My Granite Countertop Become Faded And Dull?

It’s common for granite countertops to lose their shine or fade over time. The good news is that you can restore its original shine. Even though it’s durable, no material is perfect and invincible. Granite can fade and change its original look after many years of use, regardless of how well you maintain it. There are several reasons why this may happen. 

People love granite because of its many great qualities, such as durability, aesthetically pleasing appearance, sturdiness, etc. If you are considering adding a Casa Granite countertop in your kitchen, you are certainly making the right choice. However, it is bound to lose its charm some years down the lane. Here is what you can do.

Why has my granite countertop become dull? 

Granite countertops have a shiny and glossy appearance because they go through a long polishing process during manufacturing. However, as you use your counter for several tasks, it builds up dirt, food debris, soap residue, grease, etc., which ruins its charm. It is a common phenomenon and can be reversed. 

Granite does not actually become dull or faded. It may look like your granite slab is losing its color when, in reality, it has just been covered with a number of impurities throughout the years. Technically, the shine is still there under the dirty layer. 

Another factor to consider is the sealant on your granite. This sealant protects the surface of your countertop from stains. Over time, this sealant also wears out and can no longer prevent spills from penetrating inside. The breakage of a seal can do more harm to your countertops. 

It is recommended to reseal your granite every couple of years. 

What causes granite to become dull? 

There are several reasons why granite may become dull over time: 

  • Acidic foods and drinks. 

Granite kitchen countertops are a popular choice due to their durability and sturdiness. When you prepare food using acidic items and spill on the surface, the natural stone runs the risk of damage. For example, citrus fruits like oranges. Always prepare food in containers and cut fruits and vegetables on the chopping board. 

  • Wrong cleaning products. 

Abrasive cleaning solutions and brushes can significantly damage the granite’s appearance with every use. There are specific cleaning products for granite in the market. Choose ones that are not very harsh and suit your granite type the best.

If your granite has lost its shine and gloss, it is possible to reverse the process. Polishing and refinishing are suggested when there is too much damage. Apart from that, sealing the countertops is the easiest way to transform the surface.